Works of Maal Department

“Never shall you attain righteousness unless you spent out of that which you love, and whatever you spend.

Allah surely knows it well” (Holy Quran)

First and foremost, the Maal (Finance) department aims to educate Khuddam about the spiritual excellence of financial sacrifice. As is evident from the above verse of the Holy Qur’an, progress on the spiritual plane is impossible without sacrificing what is dear to us and hence the Maal department encourages Khuddam to discard an extreme love of wealth. Huzoor [aba] has echoed the importance of this in reforming oneself, advising that Tarbiyyat and Maal are the first and most important areas; when these are in place, the others follow.

Maal Department is responsible to update the income budget and to remind members of their obligation for financial sacrifice. It also keeps record of Majlis finances.