Works of Taleem Department

The purpose of the education department is not only to make Khuddam acquire knowledge of worldly things only but also to enlighten them with spiritual Knowledge. Illiteracy is to be completely eradicated.

Every Khadim shall at least:

  • Be aware of basic knowledge of Islam and beliefs.
  • Be able to read the Holy Quran (Nazira).
  • Be knowing Namaz with translation.
  • Memorize any part of the Holy Quran with translation especially the first 17 verses of Surah Al Baqara or the last 10 Surahs.
  • Funeral prayers and other small traditional prayers are to be memorized schemes in detail.

The Holy Quran

  • Try to create interest in the recitation of the Holy Quran. With this intention, competitions in recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran are to be conducted regularly.
  • Create interest in Khuddam to learn the Quran simply and with translation and Taleemul Quran classes are to be conducted regularly.
  • Take help from Murabi Sb and others who can teach the holy Quran with the correct pronunciation. We can learn the holy Quran through the MTA program also.
  • Introduce those Khuddam to read the commentary who know the translation of the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran Classes

  • Taleem department shall organize classes in which the main objectives are learning the Holy Quran with translation.


  • For those Khuddam who do not know Namaz simply or with translation, a proper arrangement has to be done for the learning. There shall not be any Khadim who does not know Namaz with translation. Every month there shall be a program for one week, in which special attention will be given to learning the Namaz with translation and memorizing the prayers and the Holy Quran. In monthly reports, the number of new learning Khuddam is to be mentioned.

Reading the books of Hadhrat Masih Maud AS

  • Explain the importance of reading books of Hadhrat Masih Maud AS. The office bearers shall be the first model in this regard for Khuddam. A book that is prescribed for reading, by the Muhtamin Taleem or national office has to be read by all Khuddam.