Works of Tabligh Department

“And who is better in speech than he who invites men to Allah and does good deeds and says,

“I am surely of those who submits.” (THe Holy Quran Chapter 41, Verse 34)

The primary role of the Tableegh department is to engage Khuddam in Tabligh activities; in order to spread the message of Islam and bring new members into the fold of Islam. It is essential to realize that the task at hand is more spiritual than mechanical, hence all need to focus on prayers throughout the process. To achieve this objective, give special attention to the following:

Open Q & A sessions are to be conducted. We can benefit from MTA programs as well as with Q & A sessions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV RA.

To enable Khuddam to direct Tableegh more efficiently, many training classes should be organized to help refresh religious and theological knowledge-though recognizing effectiveness in Tableegh is far more reliant on prayers than individual knowledge. Prepare every Khadim in such a way that he shall become a suitable person to convey the message to others and also he shall be able to provide satisfactory answers to their questions.

Distributing literature.

Try to spread true Islamic teachings in media so that they should not spread any misunderstanding about the real Islam.

The non-Ahmadis are to be made aware of the Ahmadiyya school of thought, its services to humanity, its preaching, and reformative activities.

Organize bookstalls of Jamaat.