Works of Sehat e Jismani Department

Sehat-e-Jismani department is geared towards improving the physical fitness of Khuddam. The department encourages Khuddam to participate in sports clubs and facilities. It also enlightens Khuddam on how to keep good health.

Sports and Ethics

  • While playing games, truthfulness, obedience, principles and good manners should not be ignored. Khuddam should possess huge courage. Despite having a competitive spirit, one should accept defeat with cheerfulness. Even after knowing that the decision of judges is wrong, accepting it without any reluctance is a great moral quality, without which no one can be called a sportsman. The real sportive spirit lies in this. This moral object should be explained to Khuddam again and again unless we observe these good qualities within us in the field of sports also, we should not be satisfied. Players should inculcate the habit of invoking prayer before the competition.
  • Furthermore, they should adhere to the Islamic manners and shun the non-Islamic formalities like touching the ground with a hand and then on the forehead, touching the feet of elderly persons, etc. Further to encourage the players during or at the end of the game, instead of clapping and blowing whistles, the procedure of saying “Habbaza” (well done) should be adopted.