Works of Sanat o Tijarat Department

  • We shall strive to remove the unemployment and idleness of Khuddam. Advise students to get an education in technical institutes. Maintain a list of such jobless Khuddam with details about the education and technical skills so that they can be guided properly.
  • Every Khadim should learn technical skills besides his profession.
  • Every Khadim with skill should try to teach his skill honorary to other khuddam.
  • At the time of the Annual Ijtema, an exhibition stall has to be arranged of the handmade commodity by Khuddam so that other Khuddam also get inspired by this.
  • Khuddam should be made to learn some easy skills (simple techniques) which can be used at home.
  • Professional experts in various fields shall be called to make Khuddam aware of their skills. The total information about the “Vocational Training” shall be made available to Khuddam by the department from time to time.