The quiz competition on the book the life of Muhammad was organized by Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya in year or date. The purpose of choosing the book “Life of Muhammad(Nabion ka Sardar)” was to increase the knowledge of khuddam about Muhammad PBUH and early days of Islam. no_of_teams teams consisting of three khuddam took part in this competitions. The competition was carried out in two rounds.

First or Knockout round: In this round no_of_questions questions were asked from each team. no_of_teams_to_final highest scored teams went to the final round, while the other teams journey came to end. Team name_of_qualifying_team qualified to the final round.

Final Round: In this round no_of_questions questions were asked from each team. winning_team_name by giving the most correct answers won the tournament. runner_up_team came came 2nd.