[dropcaps color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#44ddc4′ border_color=” type=’square’]K[/dropcaps]huddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Finland organize different quiz competitions. Purpose of these competitions is to motivate and encourage Khuddam to read books of Promised Messiah علیہ السلام and his CaliphsThe Promised Messiah علیہ السلام has written more than 80 books and issued many announcements elucidating the deeper meanings of the Holy Quran and beauty of Islam. He challenged all other faiths to come up with anything which comes even fractionally close, but with no response. As he says:


آزمائش کیلئے کو ئی نا آ یا ہر چند

ہر مخا لف کو مقا بل پے بلا یا ہم نے   

No one came forward to test me even though;
I issued challenges and invitation all around.


The Holy Quran is the foundation upon which all works of the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام are based. In this sense, everything the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام has written is a commentary on the Holy Quran.

Importance of the books of Promised Mesiah:

وہ خزائن جوہزاروں سال سے مد فون تھے 

اب میں دیتا ہوں اگو کو ئی ملے امید وار

I now distribute those treasures which were buried
For thousands of years if someone is desirous
 (Promised Messiah
علیہ السلام)

Hazrat Musleh Maud (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ) the second Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community about the importance of reading the books of Promised Messiah علیہ السلام says:

Read the books of the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام. God granted Promised Messiah علیہ السلام the special knowledge. (The Promised Messiah علیہ السلام) says that every Prophet is given the use of particular weapons. And that my weapon is the Holy Quran. Therefore the books of the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام are an unequalled commentary of the Holy Quran. That is why it is necessary to read these books. Reflect in this age Satan is exercising his full capacity and power to attack Islam and in response, the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام has established a Jama’at to crush the head of satan. As such, whoever enters his name as a member of this community, Satan in response will definitely attack that person. This is because everyone attacks his enemy and as every Ahmadi is an enemy of Satan and wishes to crush satan under his feet; Satan will also be constantly engaged in finding any opportunity to crush an (Ahmadi): Therefore we are at war with satan and we have entered into the battlefield with Satan. But if we enter this battlefield without any weapons then imagine how dangerous this situation will be for us. It is therefore essential for us, that we have in our hands an extremely sharp and powerful sword and that sword is the books of promised Messiah علیہ السلام. In reality, that sword is the Holy Quran, but as the books of the promised Messiah علیہ السلام are the commentary of the Holy Quran, they also serve as a sword (in the fight against Satan).

Therefore, read the holy Quran and to understand it, remember the books of the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام. These books are such an amazing national weapon in your hand that satan will run away even at the mere sight of them.

(Al-Fazal 22nd January 1920)