Holy Quran:

Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “The best amongst you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.”

The true meaning of reciting the Holy Quran is to understand the message of Allah. Ahmadiyya Youth Association Finland organizes weekly Quran learning class for its youth, These classes are conducted by Respected Imam of Finland who teaches Quran recitation and in depth meaning of Quranic verses. Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya (Youth Association) also arrange events on the importance of the Holy Quran and the treasure it poses for mankind.

The Holy Quran is a compilation of the verbal revelations revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ over twenty-three years. The Holy Quran is the Holy Book or the Scriptures of the Muslims. It lays down for them the law and commandments, codes for their social and moral behaviour, and contains a comprehensive religious philosophy.

In his book, Kashti e Nooh Promised Messiah ؑ has exhorted Ahmadis in these words.

”The real and perfect paths of salvation have been opened only by the holy Quran: all others were only its shadows. Therefore you should study His scripture with the utmost attention and deepest thought, and you should love it as you have never loved anything else. for indeed as God has conveyed to me:

All sort of virtues are in the Holy Quran

All sort of goods to be found in it – and this is true. unfortunate, indeed, are the people who give preference to other things over it. The Holy Quran is the fountainhead of your salvation for all betterment and success. There is not a single spiritual need which has not been met for you in the Holy Book. The supporter of falsifier of your faith on the day of judgement will be the Holy Quran, and apart from this book, there is no other under the heavens, which can provide you with direct guidance. It is indeed a great blessing upon you that he has bestowed upon you a book like this. ….Realize, therefore, the value of the blessing bestowed upon you. it is a precious blessing and a great treasure.”

(Kashti Nuh, Rohani Khazain Vol 19, P 26)

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