Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad علیہ السلام

Promised Messiah and Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement

Spiritual Power

“It is unwise to exult in having the knowledge of secular sciences. Your strength should lie in spiritual affairs. God the Almighty has not said that He taught science or philosophy of logic – and through these branches of knowledge He vouchsafed His succour. What He says is that …. that is to say that He helped them with His spirit. The companions of the Holy Prophet ﷺ were illiterate – their Prophet (Our Chief Master Muhammad ﷺ was also illiterate. But the wisdom that they dished out to the world could not be thought of even by the greatest of the scholars; they were helped by God. Wise is the person who safeguards himself before the calamity befalls him. When the calamity has actually overtaken the person then there is no science or wealth or friend who can help him avert it. The friends show their friendliness only up to the time that a man is hale and hearty. When he loses his health (because of the sickness of old age) none is there even to help him with the water. There are a lot of calamities that can afflict a man. The Holy Prophet ﷺ has exhorted the people to waste no time in asking for forgiveness of their sins. The calamities that can afflict the man are so large in number as if they are even larger in number than the ants which surround him. The people who are close to God are saved from these calamities in a way that the others are not. Relationship (Communion with God) is vitally important, There is none in the whole world who has no share of the calamities. The Holy Quran says …. (Verily where there are hardships, there are matters of ease as well).

One should never lose hope. God can change the circumstances in no time. You should make good use of the days of peace and health. He who turns to God during the days of peace or health he is helped by God at the time of adversity and ill health. To repent with a sincere heart is like being in a castle and nobody can attack him from outside.”

(Malfoozat vol. 10, pg. 380)

When does one achieve a spiritual condition?

Spirituality can be achieved only through the use of every moral quality in its proper place and on its proper occasion, and through treading faithfully upon the ways of God and through being wholly devoted to Him.

According to the Holy Quran, the natural state of man has a very strong relationship with his moral and spiritual states, so much so that even a person’s manner of eating and drinking affects his moral and spiritual states. If the natural state of a person is subjected to the control of the directions of divine law it becomes his moral state and deeply affects his spirituality, as is said that whatever falls into a salt mine is converted into salt. That is why the Holy Quran has laid stress on physical cleanliness and postures, and their regulation in relation to all worship and inner purity and spiritual humility.

(The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam)

Method to achieve high Moral qualities and Spiritual condition.

Ahmadiyya Youth Association not only try to develop Khuddam(Youth) moral qualities, also try to increase their spiritual states. To develop more moral qualities different events are arranged to educate youth about ways of living, respecting elders, being sympathetic, share things, teach them what is wrong and what is right, incidents of the holy prophets. For the spiritual level, different Quiz competitions are arranged motivating them to read books of Promised Messiah and his Caliphs, another best way to increase spiritual values is through righteous companionship, Friday sermons and classes of Khalifatul Masih increases moral qualities of a khadim thus Khuddam-ul-Ahmadia encourage and create programs that motivate khuddam to listen to friday sermons and watch MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya). Programs helping to increase moral qualities and spiritual condition are:

  1. Friday Sermons
  2. Quiz Competitions
  3. Quran Learning Classes
  4. Book Reading Class